Tips for a Tidy House in 2015

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Have a clean home, and keep it that way!

Homes get messy. Is it even possible to maintain an active lifestyle while keeping a clean home? Yes – by adopting some of these tips into your routine, your wild home will become and stay clean! Make them apart of your New Year’s Resolution!

Dry the Sink

Just after you use the sink, even if it just to wash your hands, take a quick second to wipe it dry. It will eliminate water spots and keep it looking nice and neat.

No Shoes in the House

Shoes track the nastiest things imaginable into a home, aside from the regulars like dirt, grass, and mud. If you make an effort to take your shoes off at home, your floors will be cleaner, for longer.

Purge, Purge, Purge

Take time every day to stop and think “what can I give away?” Put a box near the door and try to fill it with items to donate. Watch as your home begins to feel less cluttered and more open.

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