Quick Cleaning Emergencies!

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Quick Cleaning Emergencies! – Houston

Surprise Visits & the Maid Services Day Off

So you get home from work, realizing you’re expecting company. No problem, the maid service has taken care of it, right? Wrong! What if it’s an off day and you have minutes to get your home ready.

What do you do?!

Organize Your Entrance!

Grab a basket and fill it with entryway clutter and stow it. Once your guests have left then you can pull it out and put the items (backpacks, shoes, clothes, etc) where they belong.

Major Wipe Downs

Only three items will require a once-over with a cloth – tables, televisions, and toilets. If you need to devote precious time to wiping, it should be these items.

Vacuum the Living Room

You won’t have time to doctor all the floors so make sure the socializing room is taken care of. Non-carpet flooring? A run with the swifter is a quick fix.

It happens, you’re human. However, with White Gloves Kleaning Service, the odds running into this problem are microscopic. Our staff does expert work, so your house can get clean and stay clean.

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