Happy 2013. Let’s start fresh!

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Don’t worry about the mess that will ensue.  Make piles to donate to your favorite charity or prepare for a garage sale.  Garage sales are a great way to make extra money and house clean at the same time.

Leave the house cleaning to the maid service.  Let us come in and dust, polish, shine, scrub and put everything in order for you.  Let your housekeepers put things back in place.  You relax.  Take a spa day with the money you make from your garage sale!  If your decide to do the cleaning yourself, take it room by room and work at your pace.  Now is also a perfect time to rearrange the furniture.   Nothing makes a room feel new again like rearranging things.

We are here to answer any questions and help in any way we can.

Happy Cleaning in 2013!

Got Smelly Odors in your home

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Sure we have all seen that box of baking soda in our Mom’s fridge.  But, do you know that can also be used to deodorize drains and trash cans.  It is a must have pantry item for both carpet cleaning and house cleaning.  Carpet cleaning you say!  Yes, just sprinke on that carpet stain wait about 15 minutes and blot with clean damp white towel.  However, do this on neutral colors only.  The same cleaning tip goes for upholstery.  For carpet cleaning odors only, sprinkle, wait a few minutes and vacuum as usual.  Finally, if you have sweaty, stinky sneakers…you got it.  Sprinkle a little baking soda inside and leave in at least overnight.  Shake out before wearing.   The out-of-pocket expense is pennies.

Let us hear from you.  Share your house cleaning tips.  Happy Cleaning!

Cleaning and care for your limestone countertops

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Limestone is an attractive and heat-resistant choice for kitchen countertops.  However, compared to other natural stone countertop options, such as granite and marble, limestone requires significant upkeep. It is far more porous than other stones, and usually light in color which can lead to stains as it does absorb liquids easily.  Knowing  how to properly care for and clean your limestone countertops can make all the difference.

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5 Benefits of Hiring House Cleaning and Laundry Services

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Whether you’re a hard-working businessman or a busy mom taking care of children, you know pretty well how valuable your free time is. And it’s so frustrating to realize that a great portion of it is spent on keeping your house clean.


If this is your case, house cleaning and maid service is exactly what you need right now. Dig into 5 main benefits of hiring a professional house cleaning and laundry service that’ll take care of all your dust and dirt and let you enjoy a walk with your friends, sit back watching a movie or relax after a hard day.

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20 Point Checklist for Move Out Cleaning

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20 Point Checklist for Move Out Cleaning

Are you among those lucky guys who are moving into a new apartment? Are you thrilled with an idea of changing your living area but get scared of all dust and grime that needs to be cleaned before you leave?

Yeah, we know how you feel now. You’re sick and tired of packing all your possessions into numerous boxes, and the idea of move out cleaning makes you crazy.  House cleaning just is not your favorite pastime activity!

Cheer up! There are a lot of ways to make your move smoother. With our 20-point checklist for move out cleaning you’ll easily make your house or apartment sparkling and get new inhabitants happy. Continue reading “20 Point Checklist for Move Out Cleaning”