Make Your Bedroom Deep Clean on a Regular Basis with These Crucial Tips

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The Bedroom is one such place, which always gets cluttered and full of dust and allergens, continually attracting pollens and dirt. In comparison to other rooms, the penchant and persistence to clean the bedroom is much stronger.
Although it is impossible to make the bedroom 100% free from dirt and allergens, but there are certain routine cleaning methods which you should incorporate to make the bedroom tidy and neat as much possible:

Organize the stuff everyday
Pick all the stuff that is not in its proper place, on the bed as well as over the dresser and everywhere else. Put the entire items back to their place. If there is no proper place for an item, put it in a separate spot. Initially it may seem a daunting task, but when you start cleaning, you will find that it is too easy and quick. This should be done once every day, either in morning or evening.

Weekly cleaning routine
1.    Clean the drawers
Take everything out from the drawer and the nightstand. Dust clean the drawer and put back the clothes in the drawers, specifically filling each drawer with a certain type of clothing; it organizes things in an easy manner.
2.    Pile and clean the protectors
Collect all the protectors pertaining to blankets, pillows, mattress, along with curtains and go through the requisite wash, dry-clean process.
3.    Wipe and dust down fittings
Ceiling fans, light fittings, hanging frames, door tops, blinds and picture rails are areas which constantly collects dust and dirt. Dust and wipe down these with a clean and soft brush to remove all the dirt and cobwebs. Dust and clean all other surfaces deeply with a spray cleaner, inclusive of switches and more.
4.    Floor cleaning
If possible, remove the carpet and deep clean it. Else vacuum clean the carpet, along with area under the bed and the furniture. Use the vacuum cleaner attachments to clean the tight spaces. Wooden floors should be cleaned with a gentle cleaner with light mopping.
5.    Furniture cleaning
Dust clean the furniture items with soft and clean cloth. Make sure to wash the windows outside and inside, using a squeegee. One important thing to note is that you should keep minimum furniture in the bedroom, and avoid any upholstered furniture.

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