Keeping it Clean in 2015

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Spring House Cleaning:   Divide & Conquer

Decide what cleaning chores apply to your cleaning needs.

Create a To-Do List and begin to eliminate each item line by line.

Start in the back of the house and work your way forward.  Doing so will help you stay focused on finishing.  If you begin in the front of the home, {i.e. at the front door like living room or foyer} you are likely to lose steam and stop or postpone the cleaning until later.  Thinking…”well the part anyone entering the home is perfectly clean” therefore leaving the rest for later or never”.

Don’t try to do it alone unless you alone created the mess.  Get the family involved.  Delegate a room or task to everyone who is old enough and healthy enough to clean. This makes the task of house cleaning less daunting.


Consider these suggestions:

  • Work as a team or work separately in each area of the home
  • Be committed to finishing all of the cleaning chores.
  • Mark items off your cleaning chore list as they are completed
  • Make sure your cleaning goals area attainable. 

The cleaning may take an hour or two hours.  Depending on the level of cleaning needed and helping hands completing the cleaning process, it may take a day or two. This is especially true if you need to declutter the home before you clean.


Last, put on your favorite music and have fun with it:

When you complete your house cleaning, sit back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.  Nothing beats coming home to a clean and organized home. 


If you just can’t wrap your mind around any of it, call White Gloves Kleaning Services.  Let our gloves do the dirty work!

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