Got Smelly Odors in your home

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Sure we have all seen that box of baking soda in our Mom’s fridge.  But, do you know that can also be used to deodorize drains and trash cans.  It is a must have pantry item for both carpet cleaning and house cleaning.  Carpet cleaning you say!  Yes, just sprinke on that carpet stain wait about 15 minutes and blot with clean damp white towel.  However, do this on neutral colors only.  The same cleaning tip goes for upholstery.  For carpet cleaning odors only, sprinkle, wait a few minutes and vacuum as usual.  Finally, if you have sweaty, stinky sneakers…you got it.  Sprinkle a little baking soda inside and leave in at least overnight.  Shake out before wearing.   The out-of-pocket expense is pennies.

Let us hear from you.  Share your house cleaning tips.  Happy Cleaning!

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