Back to School Cleaning

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De-cluttering and organizing for the new school year

Back to school is an exciting time for parents, kids and college students. Parents get more quiet time around the house, kids get new clothes and school supplies, college students get to spend all their money on books and pizza.

Entering a new school year can cause lots of anxiety for most; if you want to enter a new year with a clear and anxiety free mind the best way to do so is by de-cluttering and organizing your room.

De-cluttering and Organizing:

A cluttered and unorganized room makes a cluttered mind. When the space around you is cluttered it’s hard to concentrate and keep your anxiety at a healthy level. When a space is cluttered your mind sub- consciously feels out of control; when your mind gets into that mindset instead of focusing on school work your mind focuses on all the clutter around you.

Here are some great steps to de-clutter and organize your room.

1 – Put every item that’s not in the right place or on the floor in one gigantic pile on your bed.
2 – Get out your laundry basket and put all of your clean clothes into one pile (then hang and fold your clean clothing) and all of your dirty clothing into the basket.
3 – Put the dirty clothing in the wash; multitasking will save you time and energy.
4 – Then organize your desk, make sure all your pens, papers, and pencils are in an organized and reachable place.
5 – Vacuum and/or sweep and mop your floor. A clean floor will prevent bugs and bad smells to develop in your room.
6 – Start to put and organize everything you still want or need in the right place.
7 – Put everything you no longer have use for in trash or donation bags and dispose of them later.
8 – At this point your laundry should be finished. Put all of your laundry away immediately. If you don’t it will just sit in your desk chair.
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