10 Reasons Why You Need a Regular House Cleaning Schedule

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Don’t you think that life is too short to spend that much time on house cleaning? According to the latest research, women spend about 2.6 hours a day on household activities (men spend about 2 hours). And the most frustrating thing about all this non-stop house cleaning, scrubbing and dusting is that it doesn’t help.

The dust comes back just the very next day. The mold grows in the bathroom, and kitchen surfaces get coated with grease and fat splatter. Simply spending precious hours of your life on cleaning isn’t enough for keeping your home in order. A detailed house cleaning schedule and professional cleaning solutions are not a whim of snobs and order freaks, but a true necessity for everyone who want to keep their homes clean and families healthy.


10 Good Reasons to Make a Detailed House Cleaning Schedule

Here are 10 worst nightmares for even true experts in house cleaning:

  1. Mold. If you live in a humid area, like Texas, mold can be everywhere in your home, causing a variety of health effects for your family. It’s hard to stop its growth unless you use special solutions to remove it from hard surfaces regularly. If you see or smell mold, it should be included into your house cleaning schedule until the problem is solved.
  2. Shower glass becomes etched with soap scum and oils unless you clean it professionally at least every two weeks. All this dirt not only looks disgusting, but it also turns out to be insanitary.
  3. Stove deserves a special place in your house cleaning plan, too. Sure, you will clean the spots while they’re fresh. However, if you want it sparkle and not to pose health risks to your family, you’ll need to take care of it regularly.
  4. Floors may need daily dusting to look their best. Good news is that professional cleaning can keep your floors clean longer.
  5. Countertops need regular cleaning to stay newer longer. Include this point into your house cleaning schedule, or only a few years later you will regret you didn’t.
  6. Baseboards would collect much of dust, unless you clean them far more often than you care to remember.

  1. Kitchen surfaces require deep careful cleaning every week. Otherwise, old fat splatter in the most unexpected corners of your kitchen can stay with you forever.
  2. Pets (the signs of their presence), including their hair and saliva, are not what you need to keep your home clean.
  3. Mirrors and windows are like the face of your home. Maybe, not number 1 on your house cleaning schedule, but they definitely should be there.
  4. Sinks, like the workhorses of kitchens and bathrooms, require regular scrubbing. Keeping them clean and protecting them from scratches at the same time can be extremely hard.

And that’s not all. Even not a half of it. That’s why it’s more than reasonable to leave house cleaning to professionals and have some quality time with your family, instead.

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